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Joined 2 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona. Last activity 115 minutes ago.

"The Vanilla Godzilla" is a "monster presence" on popular social networking sites and actually where ever I go at over six feet five inches tall. Two time award winning internet comedian and writer including Funniest male as voted by the facebook public 2011.. Began stand-up comedy after age 50 then hosted and produced my own successful comedy shows in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. All after surviving near death from SJS/TENS Stevens-Johnson Syndrome in 2008-2009. (1 in 4.5 die.)

Cancer surgery survivor 2012.  Voted FUNNIEST (male) on facebook at the 3rd Annual 2011 Dave Monsterburg Awards Show© broadcast (sort of) live on YouTube.

Former Search & Rescue U.S. Navy Corpsman Desert Storm Era Veteran. Father, Step-Father, Grandfather and considerate human being. Originally from Southern California living in Arizona since 1998.

"Only by proving what my heart is set on accomplishing and never giving up on that dream is what pleases my toughest critic - Me."

 ~ Me

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