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Joined 2 years ago from Southern California living in Phoenix. Last activity 2 weeks ago.

 The Vanilla Godzilla is an award winning internet comedian. First began writing, doing stand-up comedy, producing shows at age 50 and after surviving the 1 in 4.5 fatal SJS/TENS Stevens-Johnson Syndrome in 2008-2009. Cancer surgery survivor 2012. Voted FUNNIEST (male) on facebook at the 3rd annual 2011 Dave Monsterburg Awards Show© on YouTube. Former Search & Rescue U.S. Navy Corpsman Desert Storm Era Veteran. Father, Step-Father, Grandfather. Originally from the Southern California beaches. "Living" (such as it were) in Phoenix since 1998.

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    The Culture of Raider Nation

    2 weeks ago

    The Oakland Raiders have always been different even within their own sport. The fans are different, the owner was different, even their style of play is different. That's just the way they like it!

  • 7

    How To Resolve a Simple Misunderstanding

    5 months ago

    Something you said or had written gets taken by someone COMPLETELY the wrong way. Now what do you do? Here's a personal scenario I encountered. But it first takes one to begin the healing process.

  • 3

    The True Measure Of Love

    6 months ago

    One man. One woman. Their universe. This is what love is all about. It can't be taught. It will always be there no matter what happens to either of them.

  • 4

    How To Instantly Become The Best Umpire

    6 months ago

    Tips on everything from what to wear, what to think, how to act in certain situations and most of all, how to survive the game when the crowd is yelling, "Kill the ump!"

  • 5

    Meet The Real Rocky Balboa

    3 months ago

    Meet the real "Rocky Balboa." Not many know that he's a real person named Chuck Wepner and was the inspiration for the Rocky movies. A small time boxer got the chance of a lifetime and inspired many.

  • 0

    My Search For Dean Tolson - The College Grad Who Couldn't Read Nor Write

    3 weeks ago

    Ex-NBA star Dean Tolson graduated college with a degree, played in the NBA secretly illiterate. Addicted to Vicodin, he just "fell off the radar." I found him nearly three years later.

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    How I Talked My Way Into Another Job

    4 months ago

    Want to know how to be the every man's "every man" (literally) Take some tips from this "jack of all trades!" It takes some convincing and a brimming self-confidence that says, "Hey, I could DO...

  • 9

    Learning Social Skills From "The Master" - My Father

    2 months ago

    Learning social skills from "The Master." Dad took me along to meet real "Good Fellows" to American icons like Arnold Palmer. Yet he always had time to listen to our mailman.

  • 8

    Our Soldier Finally Makes It Home

    7 months ago

    A hometown hero finally makes it home and everyone is there to greet him at the train station. But there's something missing...

  • 0

    How To Handle The Heckler

    2 months ago

    How to properly interact with your audience (even the dreaded heckler) and still kill 'em on stage.

  • 2

    "I Feel Great!" "Pistol" Pete Maravich and His Search For God

    6 months ago

    The incredible "Pistol" Pete Maravich was always a one man team striving for something greater than just accomplishments and that one elusive championship. He was preparing for his immortality.

  • 0

    Psychology Is A Big Part Of Baseball

    2 months ago

    I'm the guy you want on your baseball team and despise when I'm your opponent. Pitcher Don Drysdale said he'd even throw a brushback pitch at his grandmother "if she was crowding the plate."

  • 14

    I Am Afraid

    7 months ago

    Social and political correctness has made me leery to even just "be myself"

  • 2

    Three Lives Forever Linked - The Tragic Story Of Hank Gathers

    4 weeks ago

    It was very early one morning at the airport when I spotted one of my idols. Paul Westhead coached one of the most dynamic NCAA basketball players ever - HANK GATHERS. A star burned out too soon.

  • 2

    You Just Can't Insult A Tall Guy

    6 months ago

    People will say the strangest things to me. People I have never even met! Fascination, jealousy, envy, fetish you name it. The last time I got my feelings hurt was grade school.

  • 8

    An American Social Studies Lesson

    7 months ago

    From The Goat to The Hero of The Class! The author's teacher connects fun with a lesson to be learned. After all, this was a big event in social studies for some.

  • 2

    A Message From Saul, Santa's Corporate Elf

    5 weeks ago

    Modern hiring issues have affected Santa's helpers. Jolly Ol' St. Nick, Inc. had to hire Saul, the Yiddish elf. Besides he was the only Jewish elf to apply. He has some current events to forward.

  • 26

    I Could Have Died - Surviving SJS/TENS Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

    3 months ago

    The author is just released from the VA Hospital after ten days of agony. The painful journey has just begun. As soon as he gets home he writes down his thoughts of the future and his fears.

  • 16

    Top 5 Hilarious Ways Of Saving Money

    7 months ago

    The author goes to great lengths to help you waste money later. Yes, here are some ridiculous ways to help you save money and all so you can spend it (un)wisely on the "important stuff."

  • 0

    Confessions From A "Kid Hoodlum"

    3 months ago

    Might as well "sow your wild oats" before you're of legal age. Oh, I did more than my share of it. I was just the one that never got caught.

  • 8

    How To Avoid A Bar Fight

    2 months ago

    Follow these unwritten rules and you too can go through life with your front teeth still intact in your old age. Best place to get into a fight? A bar has two of the worst elements - people and booze.

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